About Croft

Made in Jerez, the heartland of sherry, Croft encompasses the very best of British tradition. Discover more about one of the nation’s most loved sherries.

Croft is sophisticated, smooth, and sociable. At the heart of every bottle is a sense of heritage. Pale and delicate, Croft Sherry is refreshingly crisp with an aromatic finish that makes it easy to serve – and even easier to drink.

Simply drink as it comes or mix with soda water to make a modern spritz.
Always best enjoyed with a side of whatever helps you find your Croft Spot.

Interested in visiting the home of Croft Sherry?
It is possible to book tours of the winery which is based in Croft’s hometown of Jerez, Spain. Please enquire, using the contact form, for details of how to book.


Croft Original Pale Cream Sherry is sweet, crisp, and deliciously refreshing.
It’s considered a classic for good reason.


Some like it drier. Croft Particular is a pale sherry with a nutty, smooth, and mellow profile.
A friend of all sherry lovers.



Unlike traditional dark sherries, Croft is pale in colour – making for a crisp and delicious drink to enjoy whenever the mood strikes or celebration calls.


The unmistakable bright profile of Croft sets it apart from the rest. Savour a chilled glass that fills you with warm nostalgia.


Croft Original Pale Cream Sherry has a unique sweetness that can be enjoyed by all. It’s a guaranteed crowd-pleaser that’s perfect for parties and get-togethers.


Delicious served chilled, as it comes, Croft is also perfect over ice or mixed with tonic or soda water to create a sophisticated spritz. Simply pour, enjoy, and relax.


Croft is one of a kind – and a friend to all. Its balanced sweetness and bright aroma make Croft Sherry the choice for all gatherings. Refill?

The choice of Original and Particular means there’s a Croft for every occasion and mood. Choose

between our classic pale cream or, its drier friend, Particular. What’s your preference today?


Croft Original is available in all major supermarkets. Get in touch to discover additional stockists.