Christmas Wouldn’t Be Christmas Without Croft Original Sherry

For over 50 years, Croft Original sherry has been at the heart of the Great British Christmas.  A taste of Croft Original’s refreshing, mellow, sweetly sophisticated character joyously announces that the festive season is with us once again.

For millions of people throughout the UK, Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without a bottle of Croft Original.   Not only does it make for the ideal way to welcome visiting relatives or friends who’ve popped in to wish you a happy Christmas, but it’s also an ideal accompaniment to all manner of festive occasions.

As Christmas approaches, the first task for many of us is the dressing of the tree.   And what better way to cap off the oohs of seeing the tree dressed in its finery (and the arghs of dealing with the tangled lights!) than with a satisfying glass of Croft sherry over ice or with a splash of tonic?

As you know, food and wine go together like good company and laughter, but did you know that Croft is right at home in the kitchen?  While a chilled glass as you prep lunch makes for the perfect aperitif, and it goes down a treat with canapes, it’s also great in food.  Try adding a splash to your gravy for extra silky richness, toss a little over your sprouts as you give them buttery glaze post-boiling to add a touch of sweetness, and Christmas just wouldn’t be Christmas without a Croft Sherry Trifle.

Of course, Christmas isn’t just about Christmas Day, and neither is Croft sherry.  Give your leftover turkey a lift by creating a creamy turkey and mushroom casserole with a glass of Croft and see how it brings out the gamey flavours.  And come New Year’s Day, toast the coming year with a refreshing Croft Elderflower Spritz – just the thing to revive you after a late-night celebration.

Whichever way you choose to enjoy Croft Original this year, we wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year!