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Pass your glass and we’ll find your perfect Croft. Clink, clink.

For generations, Croft Sherry has been a drink of choice in many British households. A Croft is heritage, nostalgia, and excellence rolled into one truly sophisticated beverage. So melt into that moment and raise a glass to the joy of the everyday. Perhaps you’re partial to the unmistakable flavour of Croft Original Sherry. Or if you prefer something on the drier side, our distinctively pale Croft Particular Sherry will hit the spot.


croft original sherry


A pale sherry, unmistakably bright in colour

Rich, smooth, and elegantly sweet with an aromatic finish

Best served chilled in a delicate wine glass

Elegant bottle designed to fit perfectly in the fridge

Perfect when served as an aperitif, with afternoon tea, or as a treat just for you

croft particular sherry


A distinctively delicious pale sherry

Warm, mellow, and nutty notes with an off-dry finish

Best served chilled from the fridge in a delicate wine glass

Perfect on its own or with nibbles before a meal





Sherry is a fortified wine from the region of Andalucia in southern Spain. Sherry encompasses a wide range of flavours, from sweet to dry, so there is a style to suit every taste and every occasion.

Only three grape varieties – all of them white – are permitted in the production of sherry: Palomino, Moscatel, and Pedro Ximénez. Palomino is by far the dominant variety – it’s the one used in Croft Original and Croft Particular.
While Cream is a term used to describe a sweet style of sherry, Pale Cream – as the name suggests – is defined by its delicate, pale colour. Croft Pale Cream is a Fino wine made from the Palomino grape. It is bright and light in appearance, with a refreshing balanced sweetness.
Once the grapes are harvested, sherry production starts life like any white wine – with the grapes pressed and fermented. All sherry is fortified – a process which increases the alcohol content – and aged in oak casks for a minimum of two years, but often for much longer. The ageing process varies depending on the type of sherry. However, every variety uses a unique system called ‘criaderas y soleras’ to blend the sherry from different casks and create a consistent style.

Once purchased, a bottle of Croft Original can be kept unopened, in a cool dark place, for several years. Once the bottle is opened, it should be stored in the fridge and consumed within three months.

Croft Original should be kept in the fridge, ready for when you want to treat yourself to a chilled glass, or on hand to serve to friends when they drop by. It is perfect as an aperitif for social gatherings on its own, over ice, or in a spritz.

It is possible to book tours of the winery owned by Gonzalez Byass, producers of Croft,  in Croft’s hometown of Jerez, Spain.   Here you can learn all about sherry and get involved in some sampling.  Please enquire, using the contact form.