5 ways to enjoy Croft Sherry at Easter

For many people, Easter is a particularly special time of year.  It represents renewal, the advent of spring, the end of nature’s winter slumber, and it gives millions of us a four-day weekend.  It’s a time for entertaining, visiting friends, getting into the garden, and for enjoying a glass or two of Croft Sherry, so here’s our five ways to get Crofty this Easter:

croft original bottle with flowers on the table


  1. Get together – whether you’ve family descending, you’re off to see old friends or are simply having the neighbours round for drinks and nibbles, Croft and company go together like love and laughter.  A glass of chilled Croft Original is the perfect icebreaker and an ideal partner to canapés.
  2. Get creative – traditionally Croft has been served chilled and unadorned – and why not, it’s delicious that way.  Recently, however, a new generation of wine lovers has been getting creative with Croft, creating cool new long drinks such as Croft and Elderflower Spritz or our delicious Orange Negroni.  So spend a little time getting creative with Croft, you’ll be glad you did.
  3. Get outside – with Easter falling early this year, spring will be in its first flush giving you the ideal opportunity to get outside.  Whether you’re planning an early-season barbecue or just planning to sit and admire the daffodils, tulips, and primroses (hopefully) enjoying the new season’s sunshine, it’s so much better with a glass of Croft in hand.
  4. Get to know Croft Particular – do you love Croft Original but sometimes crave something a little drier to while away an evening with?  Then why not add a bottle of Croft Particular to your Easter shopping list?  Smooth as silk, warm and mellow with a deliciously nutty tone, Croft Particular is sure to become another favourite.
  5. Get chilling – the lamb’s in the oven, the Jersey Royals are on the boil, grandad’s in the garden supervising the egg hunt, and the Croft is chilling in the fridge.  It’s time for you to do some chilling of your own.  A glass of Croft, a chat with a friend or loved one.  Sounds like a happy Easter to us!

We hope you’ll give some of our ways to get Crofty a go this Easter. Here’s hoping the weather’s as good as the wine!