How to store and serve Croft Sherry

Since their launch, Croft Original and Croft Particular have become two of the UK’s best-loved Sherries.  Croft Original, with its deliciously smooth, rich and elegantly sweet tone, and Croft Particular’s mellow nuttiness make for wines that are adored throughout the land. 

Given people’s understandable passion for these delicious wines, it’s little wonder that we’re often asked how to store or serve Croft.  So, to help you get the most from Croft, here are our tips for storing and serving Croft Sherry. 

 How to store Sherry 

Storing Croft is easy.  It will happily live standing up and is best kept somewhere cool.  Obviously, the best place to keep it is in the fridge; That way it’s always ready for you to enjoy. 

If you’ve bought a bottle of Croft recently, you may have noticed that it now has a screwcap.  We’re gradually rolling these out as they are better for the environment, the screwcaps are recyclable.  It also makes Croft easier to open and store as the screwcap is leakproof when screwed down well.  Inside is the same delicious, fresh-tasting wine you’ve come to know and love.   

 How long does Sherry last once opened? 

Well, in our experience, once a bottle of Croft Sherry is opened, it doesn’t last long – it’s just too tasty!  Seriously though, being a fortified wine with a slightly higher alcohol level of 15.5% and owing to the unique way Sherry is made, it can last up to a couple of months if kept in the fridge with the cap screwed on tight.  The exact length of time will depend to an extent on how much wine is left in the bottle.  The less there is, the more oxygen there will be in the bottle, and the quicker it will fade. 

How to serve Croft Sherry? 

While this is largely a matter of taste, we do have the following serving suggestions for Croft Original and Croft Particular: 

  •        Don’t serve it directly from the fridge – modern fridges are pretty chilly places, typically being set at between 2-3 degrees.  The ideal temperature for serving Pale Cream Sherry is around 7 degrees.  If a bottle has been in the fridge for an hour or more, it will be well chilled.  Serve a wine too cold, and you may miss out on some of the aroma and fruit flavours, and super cold drinks can numb the palate.  So, if you’ve had a bottle of Croft in the fridge for a period of time, just give it 10 minutes on the side before serving.
  •        Serve Croft with food – Croft can go really well with all sorts of food – everything from smoked fish to pâte and fruity desserts.  If you’d like some wine and food inspiration, check out our tasty recipe selection.
  •        Get creative with Croft – while Croft is delicious on its own, it can also form the basis of some gorgeous long drinks.  Sandro’s Summer Spritzer is a delightful cocktail that can be enjoyed throughout the year, as is the Croft & Elderflower Spritz.  So, get creative and try Croft your way. 

Do I need special Sherry glasses to serve Croft? 

While Sherry has traditionally been served in small ‘Schooners’, many experts now feel that a standard wine glass filled with 200ml is ideal.  This gives enough room for Croft’s wonderfully complex aromas to be appreciated. 

Like to know more about Coft Sherry? 

Well, we hope you’ve enjoyed reading our top tips for storing and serving Croft Sherries, and more importantly, that they’ll help you get the most from enjoying a glass of Croft Original and Croft Particular.  If you have any questions, please get in touch.