Make Mother’s Day with Croft Original

Mother’s Day is a special day.  It gives us all the chance to thank our mums for all they’ve done for us and to give them a well-deserved treat.  This year, why not make your Mother’s Day with a little help from Croft Original.

Mother’s Day offers a great opportunity to get the family together for a celebratory lunch.  As there’ll be no slaving away over a hot stove for mum, why not have a long chat with her over a cool glass of Croft Original while you prepare the lunch?

With Mother’s Day falling in early March this year, there are plenty of new-season vegetables for you to enjoy.  Cauliflower is at its best in early spring, as are leeks and purple-sprouting broccoli.  A nice way to cook purple sprouting broccoli is to blanch it, then toss it in a hot pan with olive oil, a little garlic, and a splash of Croft Original.  Searing the broccoli adds a smoky, nutty note that the Sherry reinforces while adding a subtle hint of sweetness.

Spring’s also a great time for fresh poultry, and whether you’re serving a chicken, a guinea fowl, or even a turkey, if you have enough guests, then Croft can come to your culinary aid once more.  When making the gravy, add a spoonful (just a spoonful – you don’t want to miss out on a glass!).  Sherry adds a lovely, luxuriant tone and helps balance out some of the bird’s bitterness.

A traditional Mothering Sunday lunch has to end with a Croft Sherry Trifle, and we can not only recommend this, but we can tell you how to make it.  You can find our Croft Sherry Trifle recipe here.

Alas, like Christmas Day, Mother’s Day is over in a flash, so why not give a parting gift that she’ll be able to enjoy again and again?  Give mum a bottle of Croft Original, and she can raise a glass to you whenever she likes.  It will also give you another reason to pop around and see her; well, why should she have all the fun?!